Pepsi Shiso; Vibrant Green Perilla-Flavoured Pepsi


Pepsi Japan's speciality for this summer "Pepsi Shiso" came out today on Tuesday, June 23. So we gave it a shot.

The colour's kind of eerie, but it did taste good (though some of us considered it too grassy). Here's our review.

Shiso is a Japanese herb, sometimes called perilla or Japanese basil, with refreshing taste and scent. It's one of the most widely used herb in Japan, deep-fried as tempura or rolled with sushi, cut into thin strips topping tofu, noodles, salads and pretty much any dishes. You sure have tasted it at least once if you've ever been to Japan.

Compared it with "PEPSI NEX", the main product of Pepsi Japan. It's basically a diet pepsi.[Read More!]