If you know me very well then you damn well know that I am a huge sucker for superhero film. I love both Marvel and DC comics and I've pretty much enjoyed and watched every movie based on the two giant comic book publishers. Other than those two I've also enjoy watching non-Hollywood produced superhero film such as Bollywood's Krrish, Thailand's Mercury Man, Indonesia's Garuda Superhero from last year and Malaysia's Cicak Man.

When Bahlol was announced last year it got me really excited because it is going to be our first local superhero film, plus knowing that it is being made by Visual Dimensions, the people behind Break (YouTube series) and S.T.A.T gave me a really high hope and expectations for the film. I never get to watch the film during its premiere because I had to work on that day (Sucks, I know) but I had the chance to catch the film two days ago!

The film was originally called "Bahlol" but due to our local censorship they had to change the title to "Primajaya". It sounded funny at first, bunyinya mcm kadai runcit but it actually make sense because Primajaya is the name of the city where our hero lives in. Just like Gotham city to Batman. And it is actually a fictional, fifth district of Brunei! Clever. However they still get to use the name Bahlol for our hero and I am quite okay with that.

Primajaya ada feel macam Mark Millar's Kick-Ass sikit because both story features a street level superhero without any superpowers or any high tech gadgets and both of them are publicized on the Internet and by social media.

What I really enjoyed about Primajaya is the story is very well written. It has its humor, a lot of them. It has some serious moments, love story and it also shows our hero's struggle in his every day life. Primajaya is pretty much a comic book story coming to life. Kudos to Adam for writing such a brilliant story.

The most important factor of of every film is that the main character must be likeable. They must have a flaw that will be corrected by the end of the movie as part of their obligatory character arc. And Primajaya did just that. The film features two most likeable characters, our hero Bahlol and his best friend Fadil. These two characters are the most important people in the story and played major part in the storyline of Primajaya. I am not gonna spoil anything just go and watch the movie already!

A good movie would be incomplete without a good soundtrack because the soundtrack cues the audience as to their emotional reaction. Primaya punya soundtrack features local talents and the director himself pun contribute a song for the film.

All in all I quite enjoy this film and leaving the cinema wanting for more adventure from our very own local crime fighter/vigilante! Perhaps they could introduce more vigilante in the future that are inspired by the action of Bahlol, and more interesting villain please! XD

My Verdict: 9.5/10!

Its been almost 10 years since Danny Phantom ended. I remember it being the one of the show that I watched regularly and also one of my favorite! The show is about a 14-year-old boy named Danny Fenton who acquires ghost powers through one of his parent's inventions and who must now fight to protect Amity Park from ghosts of every kind. He is helped by his two best friends, Tucker Foley and Sam Manson. Since his parents' lives revolve around catching and destroying ghosts, Danny must also keep his dual identity secret from his parents and his (usually) genius sister, and from the general population.

 The creator of Danny Phantom, Butch Hartman uploaded a video on YouTube showing the characters of Danny Phantom aging ten years later! Check out the video below;

Butch Hartman is also known for The Fairly OddParents, Johnny Bravo, Dexter's Laboratory, Family Guy and Scooby-Doo. Follow Butch Hartman's YouTube Channel !

I really hope Danny Phantom would make a comeback! Or at least make a TV Special or perhaps a movie to celebrate the shows upcoming 10th anniversary!

Cosmic Book News 
Danny Phantom Wiki

Few days ago the official Facebook page for Brunei Hobby Enthusiasts posted a teaser for the next Toy Convention!

It has been 8 months since the last Toy Convention that was held in December last year. We all have been eagerly waiting for the 3rd Toy Convention.

We still don't know where and when it will be held but it will happen for sure!

Though I MIGHT have an idea where the venue and what the theme might be BUT that was back in May when I had a conversation with one of the organizer. Below is a little teaser for you guys! :p

Unfortunately I can't expose it yet. My lips are sealed, plus this conversation happened months ago and the venue or the theme might changed! Be patient!

You can follow Brunei Hobby Enthusiasts on Instagram @official.at.bhe or LIKE their page on Facebook!

Margot Robbie killed it as Harley Quinn! ūüėć She's just perfect for the role! Joker JIWANG lol ūüėā But I have no problem with Jared Leto's portrayal as The Joker, very different from all the previous Jokers. If y'all noticed so many scenes were cut off especially The Joker's scene. I hope we get an extended version like BvS. Overall, for the first time ever I am quite happy and satisfied with a DC movie. ūüėā

My verdict: 8/10! 

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Last month when Pokémon Go was launched on July 6th, the second day of Raya I was so freaking excited and quickly installed the game. But that time around there were no Pokémon available yet in this country. While playing the game I put some thought in it and deleted the game afterwards and posted my opinion here on my blog which merely a first impression that got me so many hate comments. lol

A screenshot from my Instagram from 6 weeks ago when I first installed the game. 

Pokémon Go is officially launched in Brunei in 6th or 7th August if I am not mistaken and the hype was crazy and clearly become a phenomenon in this country. Honestly seeing people playing the game, going outside to interact with other people is pretty exciting. Watching my colleagues at the office playing the games and seeing their amazement was really fun. Though believe me I will never gonna re-install because I still think the game can be dangerous and will take a lot of my time. But NO HATE for the game tho! lol

The Pokémon Go craze led businesses in Brunei to offer offering promotional packages to lure in Pokemon players and to attract Pokemon Go players into their establishments and boost sales. Even Jerudong Park hosted a 3-Day 'Pokemon Go' Promo; a three hours' worth of Lure Modules (to attract the Pokemons) on all Jerudong Park Pokestops. There was even a free merchandise giveaways on that night for successful hunters! How awesome is that?!

Pok√© Party hosted by Mr. Brown! 

Video posted by Fluffy Monster Kids on YouTube 

As for now only Gen 1 Pokémons are available in the game. Rumor has it that Gen 2 will be introduced some time next year! Which will also introduce a trainer battle systems and trading system! More info can be found on this site.

Unarguably Pokémon Go is really fun to play as it encourages you to connect with people and cultivates social engagement. People share locations of Pokémons, and this will allow them to engage and collaborate with other trainers. Places that once was so quiet has now flooded with people playing Pokémon Go such as The Billionth Barrel Monument in Seria, and Yayasan Shopping Complex as well as Bandar area. This also give small business owners the opportunity to set up small stall or booth to sell food and drinks.

I have nothing against Pokémon Go. Having different opinion from other people does not make me the bad guy. I simply choose not to play the game but I still enjoy watching other people play the game! :)

http://www.bt.com.bn/business-national/2016/08/12/local-businesses-tap-pokemon-go-craze http://www.bt.com.bn/news-national/2016/08/07/stop-look-you-pokemon-go 
http://bt.com.bn/features/2016/07/17/when-games-tell-you-go-outside http://www.huffingtonpost.com/the-conversation-us/why-pokemon-go-became-an_b_11073174.html http://www.itechpost.com/articles/24506/20160816/pokemon-go-pokemon-go-update-pokemon-go-gen-2-release-date-revealed-pokemon-go-gen-2-release-date-pokemon-go-trainer-battles-pokemon-go-trading-system.htm

Few weeks ago I posted my opinion on Pokemon GO. I have received so many hits and page views based on the short article itself and so many comments were left on that post. Of all the comments that I received there is one comment that got my attention the most, the one that I screenshot above. 

Whoever that guy is, he clearly doesn't understand what I am writing. Dude, I was only expressing my thoughts on that game! TRY TO LEARN AND READ AND UNDERSTAND THE ARTICLE! I wasn't even bashing anyone or any other OTAKU. LOL

Maybe some of you guys don't put any thoughts on something, the pros and cons etc. I am a very observant person, I love to observe and understand something, what it could do to you, if it is harmful or not. I KNOW "nada org peduli jua f u play or not." That doesn't matter to me. Like I said, I am only expressing my opinion on that and there is NOTHING WRONG with expressing what you have in mind and there is nothing wrong about having a different opinion from others.

Second of all, dude don't call me a BANDWAGONER. You clearly don't know who I am. I have been playing Pokemon since I was a kid and I am still a big fan of Pokemon. Plus HERE's an article that I wrote from 2009 to show you that I am not a BANDWAGONER like you claimed!

This is where it all began. Where it all started. Where I first played Pokemon games. And it is still working fine! :)

Whoever you are, I hope you are reading this because I want you to know that you are DEAD WRONG about me. Lain kali jangan memandai mengucap orang, Baca dulu artikel atu banar-banar and fahami apa maksudnya. :)

Started watching these 4 new series recently! Well they are not entirely new as most of them have finished airing a couple of weeks already but I only started watching them last week! XD

Quantico - When I saw the trailer I thought this was going to be a flop but turns out its pretty damn good! Almost finished with the series. Looking forward to season 2 in September!

Blindspot - Another show that I thought is going to be flop based on its trailer. A very interesting show that focuses on a mysterious tattooed woman who has lost her memory and does not know her own identity. The FBI discovers that each tattoo contains a clue to a crime they will have to solve. Season 2 is on its way!

Stranger Things - A science fiction supernatural horror Netflix series set in the 80s. It has a vintage feel to it. Feels like watching an 80s/90s horror film/TV show lol

Superstore - A comedy series that follows a group of employees working at a fictional store. Just what I need to tone down the seriousness of the other three series that I just started watching lol Second season airing in September!

Any series you guys would recommend me to watch? :D

Went to the cinema with so little expectations. Wasn't even excited when they announced an all-female Ghostbusters reboot. I have nothing against reboot or gender swap but if you wanna do it please do it right. The movie lack the touch of the original. No chemistry between the cast plus not a great start for a reboot! Hemsworth's character was plain stupid and definitely his worst performance ever. This will hardly become a classic like the original movie. Loved the cameo tho! :)

 My verdict: 6/10