Danny`s Chinka

Well if you are a regular reader of DC I presume you have already heard/read about this, but if you aren`t, Danny Choo recently revealed that his studio, Mirai Fusion is currently working on an anime titled Chinka, which means to "put out a fire.

Here`s the story:

Since a few years ago, there have been many cases of arson.

In the rural town of Kiyotaki, situated in a beautiful mountain valley, the town folks are talking about the legendary arsonist, Akaneko [赤猫].
The police have completely given up on Akaneko, who has slipped through their fingers every time.

The town's only hope is its one and only firefighting team - the Mizuneko [水猫] Fire Brigade. But because of their destructive fire fighting ways, they too are feared by the town folk. Almost every night, Akaneko and the Mizuneko Fire Brigade fight fiercely, taking down many of the town's buildings in the process. The Mizuneko Fire Brigade have depleted most of the town's financial resources so the town ends up on the verge of bankruptcy. The town was in a critical state when Chinka, a girl with a superhuman ability to smell out fires appears. With her powers, the Mizuneko Fire Brigade close in on the true identity of Akaneko...

Interesting huh? And the characters are lovely too! X3 You can read more about this anime on Danny`s page.