REVIEW: "Crows Zero 3" Drop

Look I`m not joking! That`s what the title of the (pirated) DVD: Crows Zero 3 Drop. LMAO! This movie is NOT the third sequel to Crows Zero. This movie is called Drop, a delinquent movie just like Crows Zero and IT`S NOT Crows Zero III!

This film was directed by Hiroshi Shinagawa. It is a loose autobiographical tale written by the director himself. The original novel was published in 2006.

"Drop" tells the story of a boy named Hiroshi Shinanogawa, who grew up in the 1980s. He became inspired by the Be-Bop High School manga and decided to become a delinquent. Hiroshi dropped out of a private middle school and transferred to a public school There he joins up with a delinquent gang.


Hiroki Narimiya(Tokyo DOGS, Gokusen)

The main character. Love manga and gunpla! A few gunpla can be seen in his room. XD

Hiro Mizushima(Kamen Rider Kabuto, Tokyo DOGS)

Leader of the gang. A really strong dude and loves fighting!

Yusuke Kamiji(Crows Zero, Gokusen)

Noriko Nakagoshi(Gumi. Chocolate. Pine , Ikemen Sobaya Tantei)

Kazuki Namioka(Crows Zero, The One Pound Gospel)

Okay I`m trying to be honest here. I don`t really enjoy Drop as much as I enjoy Crows Zero I and II but Drop was a good movie and really cool. The story is more mature and much more realistic than Crows Zero. You won`t see huge darts and a big ass bowling bowl in this movie.

A delinquent movie usually had a fighting scene in it`s movie. Watching the fighting scene in this movie reinds me of the scene in Cros Zero. They look the same! O.O Same wrestling-style-kicking-ass moves! The cast was okay and they did a really good job playing the character, tho some of them are slack. I really enjoy the insert song during the fighting scene. The insert song is awesome and I also enjoy listening to it`s ending theme! You can listen to the song using the player below:

Drop insert song:

You can Download it HERE.

Drop ending theme song:

You can download it HERE.

Score: B-

I really recommend this movie if you are a fan of Crows Zero or you just love delinquent movies!



Syam said...

Wow, so its really not the 3rd sequel of crows zero heh? But since its involve fighting scene, i might give it a try.. Any clue of its original name? to lazy to google xD Or some download link perhaps.. If not, then is the quality of the one sold at 'lingka' is good enough? DVD one or the VCD?

Double H said...

It`s called Drop! Mine is from the lingka and it`s good! You should pick the DVD! =D And sorry I don`t have the download link! >.<

Anonymous said...

is there a link to download the movie? :D

Double H said...

sorry cant find one =X

Unknown said...

Download The Delinquents Movie For Free