My Ignisu~

Ignisu from CHAOS GATE Jingai Makyou!

Igunisu(Ignis) (Protector of Humanity): Ignis is one of the few characters out of Jingai Makyou known to western audiences. She is a Demon Hunter with fiery red hair and an attractive figure. She's an expert martial artist and has superb skills with a Katana and numerous other weapons that she uses in her Demon Hunting. Despite not having the superhuman abilities of the Narazaru, she's more than a match in battle for them, using her superb fighting skills to overcome the most dangerous of adversaries. Despite her tough exterior, she's a friendly woman who quickly gets attracted to the main Hero of the game. Her flaw however is that she's zealous in her work and hence has earned enemies even among the Good aligned demons. Ignis plays a role on every route of the game and perhaps is the most powerful heroine of the three.

This babe is requested by Packie and D-Le...I intended to post her For May!HAHA!Tapi inda apa you guys go! ;)

Price: BND54.90

After Discount: BND42.00!

Available at Chong Hock Toynation (Tinggal 1 saja ni lagi!!)

Wtf?An Empty Box?!Haha..I`m too lazy to put her back in the box! =D

Her Katana..Cool~