Naruto (Cup) Ramen For Breakfast...?!

I woke up soo late this morning(Tido lambat...have a chat with Packie, main Urban Rivals & Yu-Gi-Oh! with my lil bro.) Went to the kitchen (soo hungry maah i dun eat dinner last nite!) and found nothing...shit! Then I remember I have Naruto Instant Ramen...Got no choice, terpaksa jua makan..starving to death! xP Oh and i remember Packie tnya whether this ramen me!Halal ni~

Time to pou...OMFG!!Wat is that?!

WTF?!Is that a frog?!

Okay its a frog..big deal!

Oh I know this guy!Heheh...

And this is..

Whoa! xP

Okaylah...I got this Naruto Instant Ramen(Not a ramen actually, just look at the pic!!) FOR FREE from CH-Toynation because I bought more than 30 DVD`s at that time(2007)...If u want free gift from CH beli bnyk2 DVD!Heheh.. xP

*PACKIE:Told u its halal.. lmao!!!