Once a Blogger, Always a Blogger!

Wait! Wait! What is this?! Haa? Another blog by me? Wait!! What is it this time? What am I going to talk about? What the hell?!

Haha! Okay larr..this blog is actualy my 8th blog! I started to blog around July last year and seriously I am addicted to it!! Just like what DedeAndro said, I`ve covered lotsa topics, from manga anime, food, magic, music, history to my everyday life! ;) In this blog I`ll focus more on my hobby; collecting figurines & playing/collecting Yu-Gi-Oh! T.C.G!


I was introduced to Yu-Gi-Oh! T.C.G by my cousin, Shin (who is also my classmate at that time (2007)) and never thought that I became addicted to it!I can`t stop playing and buying new cards! :p I`ll try to share some of my tips with fellow duelist on how to create/construct a winning deck, what cards to use and much much more! But remind you! I am not a pro so don`t blame me if you still lose a duel! :P