Code Geass...Will there Be Season 3?

Is there going to be Code Geass season 3? There is still so much that was left unfinished about the world of CG and I would say that someday later on they will come back. Do I know what the story line is, no!

At th end of episode 25, we didn't see the wagon drivers face. AT first CC is talking to the sky with the dreamy music but then it stops suddenly as CC says "Right Lelouch?" why the dramatic stop in the music? AND the FINAL CLUE is the Origami Swan (or whatever bird it is) made by Lelouch's Sister Nunnally.THE ONLY REASON for this Paper bird to be on that wagon is because Lelouch took it with him as a memory of the sister he cannot and will not ever see again (unless theres a season 3).

CC has never been sentimental though she did become more human by the end. Also, she was on a boat the last time we saw her so she could not have gotten it, unless she had been on the Damocles.

Lastly that scene in which CC is in a Church is clearly a connection the writer wanted the audience to get as the place where CC was given the power to be immortal MEANING that this I'm 90% sure is another clue that Lelouch had received the Blessing and Curse of Immortality probably from his father when he reached out to Lelouch with his hand with the code on it, since its not the code from CC that gave him his Geass he still has Geass too, and might be the reason why CC is smiling shes no longer alone because as hard as it is hard for me to say this, she became very attached and interested in Lelouch and wants to "stick around with him" for awhile at least maybe even more than that.

About lelouch being dead,
I don't think he is dead...Yes Suzaku did stabbed him BUT like I said, Charles transferred the Code to Lelouch while strangling him in episode 21. Lelouch wanted this, and he deliberately told Suzaku to not interfere.
However, the Code does not activate unless receiver dies first. This is shown when the nun kills C.C. after transferring the Code to her. Charle's Code activated when he shot himself. Here is one of the big misconceptions that most people have: The transfer of the Code does not involve death of the transferrer. The nun was crazy and killed herself after she transferred her code. VV was injured from the battle and died. So basically, after episode 21, Lelouch had Charle's Code (inactivated) and C.C's contracted Geass.

When Lelouch got stabbed by Zero/Suzaku at the end, his Code was activated. What supports this is that Nunnally got Lelouch's memories when she touched him, just like Lelouch did when he touched C.C. back in Narita. The only way this could have happened is his Code activating. This pretty much confirms that he has the Code.
Unlike C.C., and Charles, who lost their Geasses because the people who contracted them died, Lelouch didn't obtain C.C.'s Code and thus kept his Geass, while having the Code (which he obtained from Charles at the same time). Lelouch therefore has achieved CODE GEASS.

Do I have proof on this, NO! because no one really knows what they intended. On it maybe that leaks some information on another part to code geass. Who knows only time will really tell. But this is just some things to think about. I see it the best way to say this is not the end.


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