My Astray Red Frame & Cats Re-Ment

Hello everyone!I`ve picked up my stuff that I ordered last Month from Chong Hock Toynation this morning(Red Frame and Re-Ments).

Cats Re-Ment(Will post about it soon..)

As you can see, one item from my wishlist had been crossed out; Red Frame! I know I still have a lot more to collect. I started this hobby back in 2007 and I can`t believe it is more addictive than crack(But I never take any of em okay?! LOL).

Here`s some of the picture of the finished Red Frame(This thing took me more than 3 hours to complete it!).Pictures not clear..Gomennasai!! >.<

Next to his 'Fake Brother' remind me of Lelouch & Rolo(Code Geass R2)

The Pilot: Lowe Gule

More Pictures soon! ;)