EVANGELION Boxer Shorts: You Can (Un) Dress to Kill!

Posted at Gigazine on May 21, 2009 14:00:53

There are various anime T-shirts and hoodies and many other anime-related clothing out there, but some might be hesitant to wear them outside their own private room.

Here's the perfect garment for those closeted anime-fans. These EVANGELION boxer shorts come in six designs, each patterened with NERV logo and other motifs from the oncoming movie Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance.

These are the six designs.

The boxers come in two sizes, 525 yen ($ 5.55) each or 3,150 yen ($ 33) for a box-set of six. To be released around June 4th, now available for pre-order online via MOVIC's website, Animate's webshop, Amazon.co.jp and such.

Boxers 01: NERV

Boxers 02: SEELE

Boxers 03: Angel and NERV

Boxers 04: "Nigecha Dame da" (Shinji's trademark phrase telling himself "Don't flee")

Boxers 05: "Ugoite yo" (from when Shinji pleads the robot to "Move, move, move it" in vain)

Boxers 06: The sixth Angel (Gaghiel) it says, but the pattern rather reminds us of the fifth Angel, Ramiel.

Package design.

Size M comes in red boxes.

And the box set comes with freebie, a cell phone accessory (boxers-shaped NERV display wiper).

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