My Waiting List...*Updated at 9:47 PM*

These are the stuff on my waiting list:

Pinky Street #14-->CH-Toynation(Ordered)

1/35 Mechanic Collection Lancelot-->CH-Toynation(Ordered)

Fraulien Revoltech Haruka Amami-->CH-Toynation(Ordered)

Figma Nagato Yuki-->David John(Booked)

1/100 MG Hi Nu-->David John(Booked)

Fraulein Revoltech Asuka Langley-->John T(Booked)

1/100 Wing Gundam-->David John(Booked)

Batman Microman: Batman and Batgirl Action Figure 2 Pack-->
David John(Booked)

Microman Asuka Langley School Uniform-->David John(Booked)

Microman Rei Ayanami School Uniform-->
David John(Booked)

Figma Asahina Mikuru-->CH-Toynation(Ordered)

Figma Haruhi Suzumiya Summer Uniform Ver. -->CH Toynation(Booked)

rm Pinky #02: Mayura--> CH-Toynation(Booked)

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