Vicky, as I promised!

This is my latest artwork, just finished it this afternoon! ;)

And I found an old comic(last year) made by me..LOL

SMJA Riders..a parody of Kamen Rider! XD

Tiltle: SMJA Riders (My secondary school`s name LOL!!)

Tagline: "One who does not fight will not survive!"-hahaha! taken from Kamen Rider Ryuki XD

No. of pages: 51
No. of chapters: 3
Chapter 1: BE MY BABY
Chapter 3: THE WORLD ENDS WITH YOU (LOL Square Enix`s game!!!)
Language: Malay

All the characters in this comic are my based on my classmates! ;)

Fuad as Fayne Arte(Main character)
Padilah as Dentadura Bayman
Khairus as Chester
Amir as Harry Hairman
Syazwani as Wendy
Me as Van Hanif
Dayat as the Alien
Jong as himself
Muiz as Officer Muiz Adams
Khadijah as Miss Cathy(English Teacher)
Aizudin as Headmaster Dindin
Mizan as himself
Syiqin as Ekin(News Reporter)
Aziz as Mr. Auw (Mayor)
Syafiq as Fiq-Fiq the talking monkey/Prince Paladin
Amal as herself
Fizah as herself

Main Character:

I`m sorry but I can`t show you guys the content of the comic..too damn ugly! XD

Here`s the synopsis:

Set in the fictional town of Smjaville, four typical average kids, Arte, Dentadura, Chester and Harry enter the supposedly haunted mansion after accepting a dare from rich snobs Van Hanif (Me LOL). The house is revealed to be the home of 'real monster' when the kids accidentally bump a pipe organ, releasing an alien named Dayat(Gomen I know u hate this character!hahaha!!). He proves to be friendly, and in return for releasing him, offers to grant them one wish. They wish to become their TV Series heroes, Kamen Rider. However, this also brings Kamen Rider`s enemies to life.

Main character from my unfinished comic(I didn`t even start page 1 XD), SMJA Fairy Tales.. LOL

Listen to a couple of Bonnie Pink`s song while drawing(I cant finish my work without listening to music! XD). Love her song Ring A Bell!

Bonnie Pink Pictures, Images and Photos
Bonnie Pink..

My lil brother is big fan of her. He downloaded all her songs! @__@

Ring a Bell is the opening theme for the XBOX360`s RPG, TALES OF VESPERIA!

Haven`t started this game yet..

Thats all for today..Ja~