B-MAGE(Brunei Manga Anime Games Entertainment) 2nd Meet!

The 2nd meet was held at Food Zone, Gadong Properties. Vicky-chan, Jojo, David John and Packie-senpai couldn`t attend the meet.

Here are those who came:

[Me and Eatmejas XD]

[Taiko D and Faddy..]

Toys & Figurines that attend the meet.. XD

[Skyl-senpai`s Tifa and Taiko D`s eerr(?!)]

[Force`s Hotwheels]

[Eatmejas Pinky Haruhi Bunny ver.. =3]

[=_=" My Red Frame and Eatmejas`..Ryomou Shimei?? and please don`t ask me what they`re doing! XD]