Back From Shopping.. LOL

Yaaaaa....Just got back from the Mall, Gadong..Bought myself a few new dvd`s, games and some food for my dinner! ;)

Here`s my dinner XD

Lamb Shawarma

For BND3.00...I got no complain on this! XD

Takoyaki!! =3

Oooh I love Takoyaki...4 pieces for BND2.00.. =3

And Dorayaki for dessert!

Bought 4 pieces(BND0.70/pcs) 3 Red beans and 1 custard.. =3

Red Bean,


Again I have no complain on those Dorayakis, well it seems like I never complaint any sort of food! XD

DVD`s I bought:

Naruto Shippuuden Movie 2: Kizuna


Crows Zero(I was looking for Crows Zero II but no luck.. =S)


And Gokusen 3: Graduation Special!

Games I bought:

Prototype(At Last!!!!) :)

Game Opening:

Battlefield: Bad Company

Gundam Operation: TROY(Bought this for my lil bro..)

And I think this one is a MUST-PLAY for all gundam fans! XD

Gundam Musou 2!!:

Trailer(PS3 Ver):

Thats all for tonight.. :)