Macross Frontier Movie on 21st November(JP)


Gigazine said that the movie version of Macross Frontier was announced on September 25, 2008, after the conclusion of the TV series, and since been one of the most anticipated titles what with the slight possibility that Clan Clang might take the lead.

The opening date isn't officially announced yet, but it seems concrete that the movie will premiere on Sat. November 21 and the title is to be "Gekijoban Macross F - Itsuwari no Utahime -(Macross Frontier The Movie: Counterfeit Diva)".

In Cineplex Tsukuba's advance ticket information, there's the title "Gekijoban Macross F - Itsuwari no Utahime-" with the opening date "11/21 (Sat)" seen in the sales schedule. It says the ticket type is "General 1,300 yen", and nothing to "Note" (for the movie Wild Speed MAX you can see the words "Glow in the Dark! Wild SWING Hand", whatever that is we assume it's some freebie that comes with the ticket) so maybe there's no novelty attached to Macross's advance ticket, or they haven't it planned yet.

Official information on the movie is to come out on Fri. June 26 in the "Macross Ace" Vol.002. According to Hatena::Keyword(there are links to some pictures of the magazine pages here) the slogan of the movie is "Of course you can't save the galaxy by songs, silly" and the advance ticket will be on sale from Sat. June 27.