MG Hi Nu and Death Note..

Hello Everyone! Yesterday Me, David John from Shewsbury Land, Vicky-chan and Eric hang out at C.A Mohamed. Tagashie also came but just for a while as he need to get back to work, he leave us money ($10 bro inda cukup..LOL Joking!! XD) and left.

Bought this Death Note from Chong Hock Toynation for BND7.00(Original Price is BND9.90)

And got my MG Hi Nu from David John yesterday!Wohooooo!!Another GunPla from my wishlist! ;) This MG Hi Nu is assembled by him(with love LOL) and let this guy go for BND80.00 only!! :)

Oh I can see a Pikachu there! ^^,

With my Red Frame and Lancelot

Red Frame`s GAY pose! LOL

I can see nothing..LOL

And John gave this Doko Demo Issyo for free!! ^^,

Why People don't understand Asians
by mychonny..[Subscribe Him!]

I`ve watch this video for soo many times!!Quiet funny..Enjoy! XD