If you can date a fictional character, or the said fictional character happened to exist in real-life, which character would you like to date? Here`s 10 female anime characters I want to date! XD

Izumi Konata from Lucky Star

Yoko Littner from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Temari from Naruto series

Hyuuga Hinata from Naruto series

Mio from K-ON!
Akiyama Mio / K-on! Anime Pictures, Images and Photos

Taki Suzuna from Eyeshield 21
Taki Suzuna Pictures, Images and Photos

Azusagawa Tsukino from Yakitake!Japan
Tsukino A. Pictures, Images and Photos

Sumeragi Lee Noriega from Gundam 00

Kazami Mizuho from Please!Teacher
Mizuho Kazami Pictures, Images and Photos

Suzumiya Haruhi from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Haruhi Render Pictures, Images and Photos

Mind to share with me your TOP 10 Male/Female anime characters you want to date?Post it in the comment section!

Enjoy this Cute Video(KH+Lucky Star dance XD)..Thanks to Vicky-chan! :3

Have a nice day! =)


Wafa Hamizah said...

Well, I'd like to share my Top 10 Male Anime Characters That I Want To Date.

#10 - Syaoran from Tsubasa Chronicles.
#9 - Motoharu Yano from Bokura ga Ita.
#8 - Ikuto from Shugo Chara!
#7 - Light Yagami from Death Note.
#6 - Ryoma Echizen from Prince of Tennis.
#5 - Takuto "Takkun" Kira from Full Moon O Sagashite.
#4 - Hikaru Hitachiin from OHSHC.
#3 - Hanabusa Aido - Vampire Knight.
#2 - Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto.
#1 - Zero Kiryu from Vampire Knight.

Double H said...

all of em are HOTTIES! LOL

Animenerdz said...

nothing from code geass? eh, you're no fun xD

chikane fan said...

I just want to share my favorite female anime..
#1 Chikane Himemiya/Kaon
#2 Kuu Shiratori
#3 Suzumiya Haruhi
#4 Yukino Sakurai
#5 Himeko Kurusugawa
#6 Nanoha Takamachi
#7 Mio Akiyama
#8 Fate Testarossa
#9 Yoko Littner
#10 Tarlotte

Double H said...

Chikane fan- Yay Haruhi is on your list! XD Thanks for sharing!!^^

Anonymous said...

My top ten anime males:

1: Kurogane - Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

2: Grimmjow - Bleach

3: Fai - Tsubasa RC

4. Ulquiorra - bleach

5. Mori - Ouran HSHC

6. Kyoya - Ouran HSHC

7. Touya - Tsubasa RC

8. Kamina - TT Gurren Lagann

9. Tamaki- Ouran HSHC

10: Kaoru - Ouran HSHC

Sorry, L, but you're number 11. xD

Double H said...

Anon - LOL Most of them are from Ouran high! XD

If I`m a girl, I`d def pick Ulquiorra/L! lol