REVIEW: A Dream Of Summer

A Dream of Summer, the first Visual Novel I`ve ever played. Finished playing this game just now and I got ending three.. Well I heard the first and second ending was awesome and I`m going to start this game again! ;)

A Dream of Summer ia a game where you can guess the outcome after few minutes of playing but still quite enjoyable. You play as Toshiki, high school student, in the limit of three days during the school festival.

The main girl is Mizuna, which Toshiki called her Braidy! XD
Her path is the main one and the one you will get as soon as she appears in person.

This is the second character, Shinoi, petite girl, plays piano for the band "BROY" and speaks in high voice. I got her ending, the 3rd ending which is the bad ending~ >=/

I love the song Mizuna performed, it is called A Dream of Summer (vocals by Minase Erumo) but shit I don`t know where I can downlaod this song!!!! =/

My only problem with this game is Reiji`s voice! He sound like if he was behind the wall!

Lastly the extras, where you can view the CG gallery, listen to the music and play a mini game. ;) Will do another review when I get the first and second ending.

If you`re interested, you can download the game here.^^


meryl said...

i fell in love with that song...relaxing...

gem said...

great article. nice song .
and seems like an interesting game

Double H said...

Meryl- Yeap I agree with you! Do you play any games?^^

Double H said...

Gem- Yeap! You should try this game!^^

Argentum said...

Hey! I just wanna agree. This visual novel is really something. I really nearly cried. And Shinoi's ending is actually nice too! :)

Ominous said...


This huge space that seems unnecessary is actually very necessary. It's put here in hopes that you'll notice the words more than without this space. Trust me, I've been spoiled many times by reading something that said 'spoiler' only to subject my eyes to reading the text below. I was spoiled for life because of that. So I'm helping you out right here, mate.


I too nearly cried on this one, something I don't usually do. When I finally got Mizuna's ending, I kept wanting it to end the way all typical romances do, but unfortunately, this wasn't the case. At first I couldn't quite accept it as it was...and even after the credits I kept hoping and hoping that there would be a happy ending for the both of them, but there wasn't.

Later on, I found myself reading the author's notes and she (I'm assuming it is a she) mentions on how people have become so detached to the reality of life and its society. This is the reason why she decided to not do her usual happy endings and stick with something to help add a sense to the visual novel that death is such a huge factor in life and affects many others.

Personal Note: Her mention of how society is disassociated with the reality of this world is something I can empathize with as I never had many friends in my early childhood and I had to rely on the technology of video games as an escape to help cope with the reality that was my own.

After I read all of that, the author made me think and realize that perhaps this really was the true way to end the story between Mizuna and Toshiki. I now get sad stories more and more now. The whole point of making them sad is for you to realize the many errors and factors that life deals you in so many ways, and that there's no such thing as perfection in this world. Sad endings are designed to put everything you loved about the character in the past together to shove it back to you. This often results in you pondering and trying to understand these characters -- these people and why they did what they did and how they felt.

Overall, I loved A Dream of Summer. I may forget it one day, but I think someday I may have the fortune of crossing paths with this piece of literature again and relive my experience over from a fresh memory.

Btw, Reiji was my favorite supporting character. I felt like the author had fun with him, and you know what? I think I had fun with him too while it lasted. Thank gosh that the author was born to read and write. Hallelujah!

Anyway...enough about me babbling this page away. If someone is reading this, then I'm happy to know that someone out there cares about something that I also care about. Thank you... ^^

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know how to get the last 2 CGs on the first side (right side, lowest and second lowest)?