Iron Spidey (Stark Armor) Statue

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the Iron Spider-Man Comiquette, the latest addition to our Marvel Collectibles line. This includes thoroughly detailed database FEATURING intricate blend of stone in the ruins. Iron Spider-Man Comiquette is cast in high quality polystone, hand painted and hand finished to exacting standards. No Marvel display is complete without this amazing collectible, the Iron Spider-Man Comiquette. Original text here.

Spiderman use this costume during Marvel Civil War storyline.

After the death of more than 600 civilians during a failed reality show tracking FEATURING heroes villains, the government approved a superhero registration law. This law divided the heroes of the United States, forcing them to choose to support the law and deal with it. The two heroes set out to extremes, as Iron Man took over the pro-registration camp, while Captain America chose to keep the record to fight camp.

Iron Man Under the leadership of Peter Parker decided to make public his identity, and recorded himself. This prompted Iron Man to design a new costume for Spider-Man. This new costume, using much of the technology of Stark in the armor of Iron Man has three retractable spider-built weapons in the back. The new suit offered Spider-Man advanced surveillance capabilities, bulletproofing Further, the ability to breathe underwater, and a number of other features including the ability to become invisible cloaking based on advanced technologies.[Read more here.]

Price: US $289.99

[Credits to Art of Hobby!^^]

I love Spiderman but this statue is way too expensive for me. XD But it sure is a Must-Have item for Spidey`s fan!^^


Lobo said...

Bro, there is a cheaper version of this by Hasbro and Diamond Select Toys...and I mean wayyy cheaper and more fun cos they're action figures.

Double H said...

Action figures!! Cool!! Thx for the info bro!!^^

Out Of Focus said...

Hey!! I have this!! Woohoo!! Yeah it is expensive but I can't resisit not getting one..

Double H said...

Really?! Can u show me the picture?!! XD

Sapphire Pyro said...


Out Of Focus said...

Sure man.. I just posted it on my blog. You know what it really looks like, right? I did a slightly different angle so you cant really see the whole statue.

Shooting it at the same angle as the photos you have here is just too typical for me.

Hope you like.. leave a comment ah.. I linked you on that post so that people would get more info of the Iron Spidey from you.. Hehehe!!