Nendoroid Shana..a FAKE one?

Hello fellow bloggers. My little brother bought a nendoroid Shana from this one shop around Gadong just now and he`s NOT SATISFIED with it. This nendoroid is not in a good condition. Her hair & right leg is loose and fell off easily. Did my brother bought a fake one?

Time to investigate!

Look at this picture(and I need your help on this one. Do all nendoroid`s boxes have authentic seal on its box?)The right picture is taken from Hobby Search (With a authentic seal)and the one on the left is the one my little brother bought:

Does this show this nendo is a FAKE?!


Tried to pull her arm up and down but this is what happen to her.

OMG 50% is a really big number dude!

Her hair color is totally differents, its faded.
[Sorry about this bad quality pictures! :X]


All those loose stuff..Damn I feel bad for this Shana.. She must`ve regret to be manufactured in this way! ;(

Lastly, I can see a MADE IN CHINA in a really really noticeable spot on the stand..WHAT AN ASS! (Sorry no picture as its not really clear but you can see it here.)


Yes!! It is clear that this nendoroid is a fake! Well to those who wanna know which shop it is I`m really2 sorry because they already apologize to me but too bad they lost one of their customer.

Well even though they apologize to me, I was scolded by my daughter badly!! :(

I`m not the kind of guy who always complain about these kinda stuff. Yes! I do have some fake figurines in my collections but I never complain any of them but this one really pisses me off!



vicky said...

oh my god!! couldnt believe this?! so fake~!!! isshhh

ur daughter must be so pissed off with it haha

vicky said...

by the way, how r u gonna eliminate all this fake stuffs? there are thousands or even billions of it anywhere~

Double H said...

@Vicky-chan: hahaha plan to smash it with hammer..nanti lah!! :P

vicky said...

haha smash it kah? wait for me la..then bru open ceremony tu haha....

Double H said...

hahaha u want to smash ur Yuki Nagato? LOL!!!! jk!!! :P

Shin-no-suke 1410 said...

Check first, then buy! Next time use that strategy, soldier! I'm the General Manager here! (ntah kau, Shin!)

ninjovee said...

Hi! *is a writer from Hyper Parfait*
I actually spotted your blog entry in our blog roll and got on here...

About the authentic seal, not all nendos have a seal similar to the one you circled in the Hobby Search official photo. I currently have two nendos: Nagi and Yoko and both of them have no such seal -- they're both authentic though. I think when you examine the packaging it's important to look at the colors I've been reading around and they say that usually, the colors of the packaging are bad and the photos don't look quite as good. Also, the GSC logo text should be gray-ish and not the kind of gray that is close to black.

Another giveaway is that usually, nendos have their parts wrapped in plastic sheets inside the hard plastic -- most bootlegs don't have them. And if the parts are falling off from the packaging even if you just see them from the shelf... it's best to stay away from them. I've encountered that in one of the biggest toy stores here in our country, and when I asked the sales people, they said it was genuine but I find that hard to believe.

I think this blog entry is a very good guide to avoiding bootlegs. It helped me a lot in avoiding them ^_^

BTW, can I exchange links with you? :) I have a hobby blog over at wordpress

Double H said...

@ninjovee- thanks!! I`ve been waiting for an answer about the authentic seal. xD

Oh and thanks for giving the guide to avoiding bootlegs post. After reading the blog it made me feel like I wanna throw away all the fake figurines I have! I WILL!

Sure we can exchange links! :P

ninjovee said...

You're welcome~! All of us figure collectors should watch each others' back against the evil bootlegs! GAR!

My blog is: Tangerine Tango ^_^ It's just a week old so there's nothing much going on there yet. Thank you~ *bows*

Double H said...

Totally agree with you!!^^

I`ve checked your blog and done linking you! :) Nice blog! Will check it out again tonight!^_^

p.a.c.k.i.e said...


Anonymous said...

I can see a MADE IN CHINA in a really really noticeable spot on the stand..WHAT AN ASS!
the original have made in china in the stand tooooooo

Double H said...

Really? Didn`t know that but mine is already arrive! Will check it later :P

Double H said...

My first nendoroid* lol