The Next Stop-Motion God

Everyone`s familiar with the name Plamoo, the one I gave the title "Stop-Motion God" on my previous post. But have you guys heard/watch musitokusabira`s video? Well, he deserve the title "The Next Stop-Motion God!" xD SUBSCRIBE HIM at YouTube!^^

Unlike Plamoo, most of musitokusabira`s video is using Gundam and some of it are episodic which is kinda fun. But musitokusabira`s stop-motion is not as smooth as plamoo but longer and pretty interesting. I really enjoyed all his videos! ^^

ガンプラ戦線異状無し! 我ら傭兵5人組 (This is my favorite! xD)


More Videos here. ^^,

This is Plamoo`s latest video^^


Zhys said...

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