Toei Robot Girls, Moe-personified Super Robots!

Our planet Earth is under the threat of attack from outerspace.
There is no basis, but somehow I get the distinct feeling.
Here we establish Toei Robot girls Laboratory to protect our mother planet from the evil hands of invaders.
We should research the super robots who saved our planet in the past, and bestow the legendary power on cute girls.
Cute girls should be the hope of all mankind.
Now, shall we rise, with the Girls!!!!
-Professor K at the kitchen of Toei Animation's Ohizumi studio.

Moe anthropomorphism is quite a popular culture among recent animesphere, such as "Hetalia: Axis Powers"(a personification of nations) and "AngelXX"(of angels in Evangelion). Toei Animation launched Toei Robot Girls the franchise of Moe-personificated Super Robots this year.


Gaiking, nicknamed "Gai-chan". Loves baseball, aspires to someday strike out Ichiro.

Ga-keen, nicknamed "Gackee". Big fan of martial arts, she hero-worships Andy Hug.

Barattack nicknamed "Bara-tan". She wants to be an American football player but can't wear a helmet because of her head-piece.