Top 10 Favorite Anime of 2009 Spring!


It's always interesting to see the ranking chart made by foreign fans, who use different languages but share the same hobby: watching anime.

So we are going to show you guys the top 10 Ranking of anime in 2009 spring. We'll also indicate how they faired in advance billing before the airings.

Well I`m going forward with the list, you can read the detail here.




Senjo no Valkyria (Battlefield Valkyria: Gallian Chronicles)

Dragon Ball Kai

Sengoku BASARA

Fullmetal Alchemist


Eden of The East

As I, and everyone else expected..K-ON!^^


Animenerdz said...

i really think K-On! sucked..don't see the point in putting it in all the tops all over the that your real opinion? doesn't seem like it..can't imagine a boy putting K-On! on top of FMA, EotE and Basquash

Double H said...

Hahaha nope not mine..Got it from Gigazine :P

If its mine then Code Geass`ll be on TOP!! xD

Double H said...

and I knew you would be the first to comment! haha xD

Double H said...

*Code Geass`ll be on TOP if I post my Top 10 fav anime ^_^

Animenerdz said...

its a 2009 spring top..code geass would be overall i guess, but as a 2009 series, what would you choose?

Double H said...

Well I`ll choOose Eden of the East! ;)

K-ON`ll be around 6th or 7th place hehe :P

Evyl-kun said...

Why K-ON is first ... ahh ..I'm very disappointed by this show ! I prefer Asura' Cryin or Eden of the East !

Evyl-kun said...

by the way ..your blog seems very interesting I want to put it on my bloglist ? can I ?

Double H said...

Evyl-kun- hahahaha!!!

Thanks and I added ur link!^^