Gundam OOI

Original text from Ngee Khiong`s burogu:

The story will focus on the period before the beginning of Gundam Double O TV series season 2, when the Celestial Beings collapsed, nations integrating into Earth Federation and the violent oppression by Arrows. "Veda" and "Awakening" will be the keywords of this new side story it seems.

Gundam Double O now has four side stories: 00V, 00P, 00F and this 00I. It can be confusing distinguishing between them ^^;

Images from Gundam Double O official site (Via Ngee Khiong)


Evyl-kun said...

haha, I haven't begin it, but someone sum up 00I on my blog. So ..try to take a look when u're free

Evyl-kun said...

I ask him, yes you can, just thanks him : Lockon