Kamen Rider Decade Final Episode: Sekai no Hakaisha/Destroyer of Worlds

I just watched Kamen Rider Decade Episode 31, the final episode! Some peeps might`ve thought after watching this episode; Toei`ve wasted a 31 episode series to make a commercial for a movie(All Rider vs Dai Shocker)!

This episode(31) tied up the loose end of the Dai Shocker arc and Apollo Geist while also leading up to the Decade Double movie(FYI, there`ll be a new film featuring Decade would be released in December 12, 2009. Double was also featured in the sequence. In this movie All of the mysteries [about Decade] will be answered) which would allow it more time to wrap things up for the series, would you prefer they squeeze it all into just one half an hour episode, personally I`m glad that Toei is deciding to do another movie and it is probably a whole lot better than it could have ever been as an episode or two.

I enjoyed this final episode. The storyline might have been a bit off sometimes, but overall, this show was an anniversary show. It was primarily to have fun and make people enjoy the return of older Riders, which it did great.

Right now I`m trying to find the download link for All Rider vs Dai Shocker and I cant wait to watch Kamen Rider Double! =="

"Even if everyone in the world was an enemy, to protect one thing..One fights! That`s what comrades are."
- Tsukasa/Kamen Rider Decade

Here`s the final episode(uploaded by MajinBror):

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: