Minigundams - Episode 1 Part 1-"Pilot"

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The year is 2009. We humans are all living our peaceful lives here on earth, oblivious to the fact that there was an epic battle that had been going on for thousands of years deep in the regions of space. The war between the Earth Confederation and the Intergalactic Planet Crushers have risen to new heights, with new technologies and cunning strategies being used to take down the opposing side - it was only a matter of time before we were caught in a deadly crossfire between the two factions.
The war was such a well kept secret that not even the most advanced technologies of the United States government could detect. For thousands of years, not a single person on earth knew about the war - one which involved futuristic and sophisticated war machines. Machines that were at least 60mm in height and weighing in at a mammoth 100 grams each, they could easily crush a single worker ant with ease and outsmart even the oldest computer on earth.

These machines are known as MiniGundams.

While the battle wages on in the high skies, a few of these ferocious war machines had their electronics temporarily disrupted due to a sudden EMP shockwave that came out of nowhere. As a result, they crash landed onto earth and into my room. Now, their struggle for freedom begins here.

Thus, the epic saga begins...

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