New Addiction: Destiny Online

Destiny Online is a MMORPG that I downloaded few weeks ago but didn`t get the chance to play it until last night and I`m sooo in love with this game!! It is a virtual community that exists 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can live your own life and immerse yourself into a virtual universe that will satisfy every player's needs!

One of the best thing about this game is you can take your pet with you to battle, teach it special skills to help you, well that`s what I saw the other players did to their pet but I`m not really sure myself how to get one! T.T This game always containing a new exciting feature to the game. Lately there has been a whole new element to the game tribes (or guilds) that has made them even more fun than before! Even now, the creators have been showing off their newest addition to the World Boss roster which comes hot on the tail of Soul Reaper. You can get these updates almost everday by joining their official Facebook group here!^^

This is me(Kisaru, warrior) at level 7! I`m currently at level 10! xD

I`m on the Panda server!^^

Official site here.


The legend started in an ancient eastern world where one day, the 10 naughty sons of the Almighty God decided to turn into 10 suns playing over the sky. The human suffered due to the scorching heat and everything on Earth was dying. A hero appeared carrying a powerful bow and fired 9 arrows into the sky, shooting down 9 of the suns, and thus returned peace and safety to Earth. The 9 fallen suns, turned into nine golden plumes, and scattered over the great mystical land. It is said that whoever finds all 9 plumes will gain the almighty power of God.

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Or visit the Beginner`s Guide page to learn more about this game!^^