Hello Kitty Enters the Otaku Market

Sanriowave, based in Shinagawa Ward, has started a new project called “Hello Kitty to Issho!” (meaning “Together with Hello Kitty!”).

Hello Kitty to Issho is a project laid out as a test in a new market to target young men and women that like Akiba-kei (“Akiba-style”) comics, anime and games, rather than the young girls that are traditionally Kitty fans.

The project features Kitty-la, girls with an endless love for Hello Kitty. They are drawn by illustrators working in the otaku ("nerd”) industry.

The first drawings from Okama-san have been released, which appear in a short story about a character with a big Kitty parasol.

Sanriowave plans to sell T-shirts, tote bags and other items with prints of the illustrations.

Via Akiba Today


ゆき Ezura said...

OMG!!!! Hello kitty lah!!! nyaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!~ *runs like crazy and hit the door*


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