How to Pronounce 'Animé'

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I had a conversation with my old friend at the mosque after Jumaat prayer today and we were talking about anime. I realize he, and some other people still don`t know how to pronounce 'Anime' correctly. It`s not a-'nime' as in 'lime'!(Yeah WTF?!)<-Most Bruneians pronounce it this way! ==" This is the correct way to pronounce it: 'Any-May'.

Animé is a Japanese shortening of the transliterated English word "animation". Japanese has few vowels, so pronunciation is relatively simple for most words.

The long version would be:
said something close to

So anime would be:
said similar to:

The "a" in romanized Japanese is said like the a in "Mario"
The "i" is said like the i in "Mario" or e in "bee"
The "e" is said like "eh"

That being said,

a couple of dictionaries, at least, list a very Americanized version of it.

Basically, the Japanese drop off lots of post-fixes of adopted English words. Constructs such as "tion" are essentially meaningless in Japanese, so they shorten words by removing them. We adopted our own word back in the shortened form, and many people pronounce it in a more familiar way.

Try to check wikipedia or go to any forums if you still got any problem with this! >.>