Kanye West vs Utada Hikaru - Love Lockdown (Passion Remix)

I was browsing for Utada Hikaru`s PV on YouTube and found this guy`s video. He made an awesome remix of Utada Hikaru`s Passion and Kanye West`s Love Lockdown! Try to watch the video and you`ll know how good this guy is!

Some other song & video he remixed that caught my attention;

Ne-Yo vs Utada Hikaru - So Sick (Apple and Cinnamon Remix)

Jamie Foxx vs Nobuo Uematsu - Digital Girl (Final Fantasy Remix)

Lupe Fiasco vs Utada Hikaru - I Gotcha (Sunglasses Remix)

This guy really did an amazing job! Check out his page on YouTube or subscribe him for more videos!^^