Transformers 3

Michael Bay's official website got an update from the director on his future projects:

  • He will be meeting later this week with Steven Spielberg, and Ehren Kruger to discuss ideas for Transformers 3. By the end of the week he should have an idea if Transformers 3 will hit your local cineplex in the summer of 2011 or 2012.
  • In the meantime "Pain & Gain" is looking very possible as is...
  • ...Bad Boys 3. Either film coming to a theater near you before or after Transformers 3.

Source: Coming Soon Via

They should bring the big ass Unicron in the movie!!LOL Let`s just hope there`ll be less humans and more robot battles, and please leave all the excessive language and sexual references out! Definitely looking forward to TF3!^^


Unicron is a prodigiously large robot whose scale reaches planetary proportions, and he is also able to transform into a mechanical PLANET!!