Climax Jump

I was planning to post my favorite channel on Youtube today but I was busy doing some updates on Henshin Channel. Don`t worry, I will try to post it tomorrow. Here I wanna share with you guys Imagin variations of Kamen Rider Den-O`s opening theme, Climax Jump! Kamen Rider Den-O is one of my favorite Kamen Rider series and I really enjoyed the story! Kamen Rider Den-O is quite famous that the series spawned a lot of movies and spin-off including anime based on the Imagins! The reason that Kamen Rider Den-O has amassed such popularity is because of its comedic timing! XD

Here`s the original opening theme(TV Version)

All songs are available for download on Henshin Channel!^^

Momotaros | Climax Jump Sword Form

Momotaros` version is soo sooo J-Rock!! LOL This song really suits Momo`s personality as a hot-headed Imagin. XD

Kintaros | Climax Jump Ax Form

OMG this one sounded like..ENKA?! Epic!!! Hahaha! Reminds me of feudal Japanese movie`s soundtrack lol but for some reason I really enjoy Kintaros` version! This song has..made me cry! lol XD

Ryutaros | Climax Jump Gun Form

Ryutaros..He`s the man!! lol Ryutaros is an animal lover and he love break dancing. His version is my second favorite and I love the girl in the video! =3

Urataros | Climax Jump Rod Form

He got two women in the video! LOL Urataros love flirting with women! xD Somehow I don`t enjoy this version..Sounds dull to me.

Okay thats all for this post. If you wanna download the song above feel free to visit Henshin Channel. I got the download links posted there.^^

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