SFX Fantasy Rayforce - Korean`s New Tokusatsu Series

Korean`s new Tokusatsu series!! OMG I never watch a Korean tokusatsu before. The one called Erexion seems quite famous. Maybe I should give it a try some other time! This new series is called SFX Fantasy Rayforce. A lot of special effects filled in the video and that`s amazingly well done for a tv series but the armor/suit design look kinda familiar to me... A fusion of Kiva and ..Hibiki? lol

I`m a big sucker of tokusatsu so I might give this series a try and I MIGHT stream this on Henshin Channel! XD

Rayforce is produced by a Korean game maker called T3 and will be on air in Korea from next March (52 episodes) [Update from Danny!^^]

Erexion`s Opening theme:

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chubbybots said...

Woah looks pretty good for a their first tokusatsu series! The fight scenes reminds me of Garo. Their customs very much like mask rider ruyuki's lol. Looks interesting. Will definitely give this series a go ^^

chubbybots said...

*costumes I mean lol ^^

Double H said...

Yup it looked like Ryuki and the other guy in red really resemble a fusion of Kiva and Hibiki haha XD