I`m way too late this time!! GAHH!!! Honto ni gomene!!! Everybody knows I`m busy with Henshin Channel but hey its all over now! Henshin Channel is now officially online lol XD Okay here is the Featured Artist of this month...UVERworld!

Uverworld or stylized as UVERworld is a Japanese rock band consisting of 5 members that originated from Kusatsu, Shiga Prefecture, Japan. For those who don't recognise them, these guys are the ones who made the opening theme called "D-Tecnolife" for the anime Bleach. Video below.

D-Tecnolife is UVERworld`s 1st Debut Single, released on July 6, 2005. This band made their debut with this song which served as the 2nd opening theme song for the anime Bleach. I hated this band the first time I've heard their song but I slowly become a real fan!







This band first formed in 2003, and were known as Sound Goku Road the independent music scene. more popularly, "Sangoku Road." The band originally consisted of seven members, and released Prime'03, a demo CD which ended up selling 3,000 copies. Unfortunately, one of the band members, the saxophonist Seika, left the group (the other was Hiko, who left after he married). After his departure, Ace Trigger renamed himself Takuya and the band renamed itself to Uverworld.

According to an interview with the band there was another vocalist who left, however this vocalist hasn't yet been identified. Though it appears that that person may have left some time before Seika did, as Seika is the only one of the two credited on the demo CD and pictured with very early live photos of the band pre-Uverworld.

SHAMROCK, released on August 2, 2006.

Endscape- Released on May 30, 2007. This song was featured as the first opening song to the anime series Toward the Terra.

Toward the Terra Opening:

Colors of the Heart(Live)

I really enjoy this band and I love all their song specially Koishikute, my favorite song from them!! Whether its fast or slow song...Its as awesome as it can ever be!

This band has confirmed releasing their 14th single on October 28, 2009 named Kanashimi wa Kitto for the Tokyo Broadcasting System drama based on the children's novel, A Little Princess written by Frances Hodgson Burnett. The song's lyrics will be written by Takuya∞ and will be co-composed by both the lyricist and Satoru Hiraide while the arrangement will be done by the band and Hiraide.

UVERworld is a great band and I really recommend them 100%! XD Don`t forget to check out their fan page on Facebook!

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