Kamen Rider The First

Kamen Rider is one of the longest runnning franchise (second only to Ultraman) in Japan and the first Henshin series that spawned a whole new tokusatsu series. This series started in 1971, (8 years before Gundam 0079 started to air) and it lasted 98 episodes. In 2005, Toei Studios created a feature length movie based on the classic series, re-telling the original series in a modern format; Kamen Rider The First.

Kamen Rider The First wasn`t really satisfied me as a lot of things goes wrong in this movie and the script is really confusing. The plot moves really slow with an awkard storytelling with no excitement in the fights as some of them ends really quick (Come on! A movie based on a monster-of-the-week show should have lots of action!) The producers removed the endearing qualities of the original show!

It was incredibly boring as we`re like treated to a love triangles between Kamen Rider 1 Rider 2 and the heroine; Asuka. Some of the plot from the beginning of the movie were dropped just like that without giving any explanation to viewers! It just doesn`t make any sense at all. The only thing I like about this movie is the modern suit of the riders. I don`t really recommend this movie to fans out there but if you still want to watch it, go ahead but, you`ll only ended up with dissapointment.

Score: D+


Blacksun88 said...

well, it depends me. for me that did not watch the original series, i did enjoyed the fight scene and the overall dark atmosphere. the design of the suit is cool too, and asuka is pretty ^^ aside from the weakness u pointed out

Double H said...

I only watched a few episodes of the original series. Kamen Rider The Next was better than this one. Will post my review soon! XD

kaymaroo said...

I love that figurine but not the story huhu

Double H said...

Yeah the story sucks! >.<