New Moon

Just got back from the cinema with my cousins. We watched New Moon, the sequel to 2008's Twilight. A lot of Twilight fans were in line this afternoon to watch the sneek peek of the movie!

The movie starts with a shot of full moon and if you are a big fan of the novel then you might already know that the story takes up where 2008's Twilight left off; Edward and Bella are deeply in love and on the eve of Bella's 18th birthday. The Cullens throw Bella a birthday party but a paper cut sees Bella shed some blood, which sees Edward's brother Jasper try to take her life. As Edward ends up hurting Bella while trying to protect her, he decides it's safer for him to be out of her life - for good. "This is the last time you'll ever see me," Edward says to Bella. So what happens next? That is for you to find out!

The first one actually didnt entertain me, but New Moon REALLY surprise me. Lotsa stuff to be laughed in this movie. It`s corny dialogue and its moments that tried to be serious, but still entertaining at the same time. To the opening scene,from the fights involving the wolves knocking the camera down, and other stuff that didnt really happen in the first. Its nothing original in movies though, but I'm glad the direction they use in this movie was more of experiment on how to interact with the scene, unlike the first where I felt like they just shot the movie and called it a day. The soundtrack SUCKS but overall I really enjoy this film!^^,

Score: B+



Anonymous said...

You enjoyed this film? Surprisinly wow...

Karasu said...

It wasn`t that bad actually..wonder why it receive poor rates