Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie

Here`s a story of the upcoming Utraman movie, Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie which will be released on December 12 this year.

A mellenia ago A Innocent ultraman turned to pure evil because of the power of ReiBlood and it took the strength of Ultraman King, A Young Ultra Father and a slew of all different kinds of Ultra Heroes to lock Ultraman Beliel away in a place where he is thought not to escape.

Millions of years later A black Hole opens up and Asuka AKA Ultraman Dyna becomes part of the Main Contiunity Universe so he meets Mirai and Rei along with Hayata and Dan while in the M78 Galaxy ReiBlood releases Ultraman Beliel to try and destroy the Land Of Light aka the Ultraman homeland so Ultraman Leo must train the newly reveiled Ultraman Zero who happens to be UltraSevens son so that he can be strong enough to face Beliel while Ultraman King summons all different kinds of Ultra’s from different continuity’s to face the 100 Kaiju Army that Beliel and RaiBlood summoned.

One Famous Kaiju is actually joining the good side for this movie which is something that is pretty cool to see outside of the Ultraman Cosmos Universe. Will Zero beat Belial and will the land of light be safe? That`s for you to find out!

Credits to HJU!^^,


Blacksun88 said...

wow this look interesting. the fight in the trailer look cool too, im looking forward to this ^^