Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works Trailer

Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works` official website began streaming a 50-second trailer on Friday. You can watch it here.

The story of Fate/stay night revolves around the Holy Grail that grants the possessor's wishes. For the past two centuries, Holy Grail Wars have been occurring time and again among seven competing sorcerers, each gambling his or her own life to obtain the Holy Grail, aided by one of the one of the seven summoned spiritual familiars known as Servants. Though not very talented as a sorcerer, teenager Shiro Emiya becomes a Master to Saber, one of the seven Servants and gets involved in the fifth Holy Grail War.

Shiro's classmate Rin Tosaka is secretly a very talented sorceress and Master to her Servant Archer. The movie's title "Unlimited Blade Works" is the name of Archer's Reality Marble and there's also the Unlimited Blade Works Route of the game in which Rin Tosaka is the main female lead. So naturally, we get to see a lot of Rin and Archer in the trailer.

Source: Gigazine, ANN


Blacksun88 said...

cant wait for this movie!!