K-ON! Season 2

K-ON`s official website has confirmed that production on the second season has been green-lit! W000000000T!!!!!

The second season of the K-ON! anime franchise was announced after the "Let's Go!" live concert in Yokohama on Wednesday. When the concert's two encores ended, the large onstage screen displayed footage from the first season of the television anime series. Then the screen displayed an announcement that the second season has been green-lit!

Source: ANN

I can`t wait to see Azu-nyan again! and of course, Mio!!!! =3


Evyl-kun said...

Oh, I see, so you prefer Teenager girls haha.
Yeah I hear about it ^^ And it obtain a post on my blog. I will do it later. It's been a while Chaos =)

Well, I'm not surprised to see it has a second season, after so many special, K-On is also a big show for japanese people who completely love the show ... I suppose we will see more concert, and I hope it will be more serious in music since the main theme is music and not chilling ...(yeah I have something against K-ON lol)

jojosochi said...

That's really good news! i hope her teacher(Sawako Yamanaka) can do more performance.