New Hobby Shop in Qlap Mall

New Hobby Shop!! Wooohooo!! lol

My cousin Faddy told me about this new hobby shop he saw and I went there just now to see it for myself. This new shop is located at Qlap Mall, third floor right in front of the escalator. They got a HUGE selection of MG GunPla`s, some HOT TOYS, Figma and Nendoroids but I`m warnin ya`, some (or maybe most) of it`s figma and nendoroids are bootlegged so just be extra careful!

Here`s some pictures of GunPla I took!

The shop is still under construction and the boss told me that they will start their business around January!^^, I believe this shop will have their own blog/website soon!


Syful said...

time urg karing nie january ah brooo.... =.='

Double H said...

awuu haha buka skulah lagi~ sibuk urang XD