One Piece Earns 1 Billion

One Piece`s 10th anime film, Strong World took in ¥1.038 billion on 188 screens during the 2-day period starting on December 12.

An estimated 820,000 people filled the theaters in those first two days, bringing in ¥553 million on the 12th and ¥485 million on the 13th. In comparison, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" opened this year on 844 screens and earned ¥990 million in its opening weekend. Last year's "Gake no Ue no Ponyo" made more than ¥15 billion during its theatrical run, though it opened to ¥1.025 billion.

The film's per-screen average was 5.52 million yen (US$62,200) — the record for a nationwide release in Japan.

Part of the reason for the huge audiences was the One Piece Volume 0 manga that was given to the first attendees. Toei has decided to add another printing of 1 million copies for the manga. Unlike previous One Piece films, Oda had personally overseen the new film's production. The film also set a record for distributor Toei in the number of advance tickets sold, which was close to 300,000 as of December 6.

Source: ANN, Tokyograph


phossil said...

The free manga was a plus. Good idea to bring more people to the movies.