Red Dead Redemption Trailer (Series Introduction)

Here is a trailer and series introduction posted by IGN of the upcoming game developed by Rockstar San Diego, Red Dead Redemption, due for release on April 27, 2010. It is the successor to 2004's Red Dead Revolver.

The game is set in 1908. You play as John Marston, an outlaw gone straight. Naturally, his past won't let him be and Marston is soon forced back into the thick of things. It's the dawn of the 20th Century on the patch of land straddling the US-Mexico border and that means lots of everything you've seen in the movies: Outlaws, trains and stagecoaches, heavy drinking cowboys, and guns -- lots of guns -- spread out across a vast desert landscape.

The game will use open world gameplay similar to the Grand Theft Auto series with sandbox environments and a free-roaming ability. The environments will include frontier towns, prairies, and mountain passes.

'My Name is John Marston' trailer:

This trailer was officially released 1st Dec 2009, titled 'My Name is John Marston' , and gave information as to the central character of the story.

Series Introduction: