Three More Days To a New Decade

Spent some time cleaning and arranging my figurines today.

I`ve put away some of the boxes.

And put some of my figurine`s accessories in this sandwich bag. Never thought of this before as I usually put all of them in their respective boxes! xD Thanks to comrade Avg.Joe for sharing this wonderful method!^^,
[My handwriting sucks! @_____@]

You can get this sandwich bag in every Hua Ho branch or any supermarket in Brunei for BND3.95!

I use this sticker to tag them!^^,

Three more days left until New Year and a new decade! Wow! This year has gone by fast! I can't believe that 2010 is just around the corner, and that it's onto a new decade!

I`m going to post 2009 Highlights on the 30th just like I promised. -End of post-

Enjoy this random video I picked on YouTube:

Konata`s dad henshin!!!! lol

The henshin is actually a reference to Kamen Rider Super-1! LMAO


BlackSun88 said...

dont u just wish our own dad are like that konata dad some time? XD

Double H said...

She got an awesome dad!! haha! XD