Fake Figma`s Quality

I bought this figma last December and do I know it was a fake? YES! I bought this on purpose just to see the quality of a fake figma myself after reading Pasu`s entry on Fake Figma.

Figma Mikuru and Haruhi Cheerleader version is the common bootlegged Figma and you need to be careful when purchasing these two. Is there any way to spot a Figma figma? From what I can tell, there is one thing that a fake Figma doesn`t have on it`s free bag, now let`s see if you can differentiate these bag:

Can you see the differences?

Here it is:
Fake figma doesn`t have what I circled in orange (wtf do you call that? ==")

Here`s other some images of Figma bags with the 'one I circled in orange':

All of the bags above are from original Figma and all of them had the 'one I circled in orange'. But if you have an original Mikuru cheerleader`s bag do tell me if it had the 'one I circled in orange' because I cant make a 100% confirmation since I myself doesn`t have the original verison. Who knows maybe all Figma Mikuru cheerleader version are the only Figma that doesn`t have the 'one I circled in orange'.

Next is the quality of the joints, man it sucks! This fake Figma Mikuru can`t even stand properly because of it`s weak joint on the knee. And look here, factory error?

Check out the original one`s knee:

And look at this.
No I`m not talking about their pantsu. Look at Mikuru`s ball joint! It cant fit on properly! =="

Her arm, this is the height it can go.

You can read more on how to identify fake Figma on Pasu Blog here.

So did I just wasted my money on a Fake figma? Well, not really actually! But that doesn`t mean I support bootlegged figurines! Two reasons;
#1 I get something to post today! Yay~ lol
#2 The accessories, they are quite useful, really!

Extra hands, pom-poms, baseball bat and the ball! W000000000T!!! They are useful for Haruhi and my Nagato Yuki figma! And not to forget the stand! xD

Haruhi with baseball bat! Female yakuza version? lol

So what about Mikuru? Aaah... I asked Golgo to do something about her just now. Okay that`s all! See you guys in the next post!^^,

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