Space Battleship Yamato Movie Trailer

Space Battleship Yamato is known as the Star Wars/Star Trek/Battlestar Galactica of Japan. This movie was adapted from the 1974 anime series with the same name. Here`s the trailer:

Takuya Kimura is a HUGE fan of Space Battleship Yamato, which is one of the reasons why he is starring in this film.

The story is about an alien race that destroys our planet, and how we try to travel across the galaxy to save the human race from extinction. One of the milestones of anime and visual science fiction. Shown in the US as "Star Blazers". Credits to August138 for the info.

1974`s opening theme, the singer sounded like the guy who sang for Gundam 0079`s opening theme! o.O


Evyl-kun said...

I'm not from this perio, but .I watched Albator when I was littlen to know the ancestor and the original spaceship : Yamato battleship is out in movie is for the pleasure of all fan of the Yamato's series and for all fan of spaceship battle ! Yay !!

Epic win !