Tamashii Feature Vol. 1 Desired Character Nomination Campaign

Tamashii Nation is currently running a campaign to find out which character the fans would like to see be made into future S.H. Figuarts or Robot Damashii releases. Awesome!

The "Desired Character Nomination Campaign" (ノミネート希望キャラクター) has started yesterday (January 20th) and will run until February 2nd. You can nominate the character you like on Tamashii Feature Vol. 1's Twitter, and selected nominations will be put in a vote at the upcoming Tamashii Feature Vol. 1. Visitors and audience at that event will then vote out the item to be released.

Tamashii Features Vol. 1 will be held in twice, on different dates and venues:

Act 1: Akibahara - Bellesalle 1F, Akihabara
Date: Saturday (February 6th) & Sunday (February 7th)
Time: 9AM - 7PM (Saturday), 9AM - 5PM (Sunday)

Act 2: Osaka - Umeda Sky Building 3F, Osaka
Date: Thursday (February 11th)
Time: 9AM - 5PM

Admission is free. More info on Ngee Khiong`s burogu!^^,