.hack//Link PV

Here`s a promotional video of .hack//Link, uploaded by Namco Bandai`s official YT page.

The game was announced last year by Famitsu and Dengeki magazine. It will be released for PSP this March and features 100 characters from all .hack media, though only 30 characters will be able to be in the player's party.

The game will feature manga-style cutscenes, developed by CyberConnect2, and will be released in Japan 4th March this year. Confirmed characters include Kite, Haseo, Albireo, Atoli, Mimiru, Midori, Tsukasa, Subaru, Silver Knight, Azure Kite, Balmung, Alkaid, Tabby, Elk, and Ovan.


Gaiden said...

more dot hack game? i m still waiting for them the create the MORRPG for the pc hahaha i wish they create 1 though hahaha