Japanese Language: Class 1

Hey guys! Just got back from my first Japanese language class. Everything went well! (^ω^)

Our sensei is a Japanese but she`s been in Brunei for more than two years. The first lesson were quite easy. She taught us the basic everyday greetings;

Good Morning = Ohayou Gozaimas
Good Afternoon = Konnichiwa
Good Evening = Konbanwa

She added that it is polite to bow when you greet someone you met.

After that she asked us one by one to pronounce it. It was fun! ^w^ Then she taught us the basic introduction;

May I have your name please? = O namae wa?

My answer: Hanifu desu(dess)

O shigoto wa? = What is your occupation?

My answer: Gakusei desu = I`m a student.

Here are a few occupation in Japanese that we learn today;

[Shigoto = Job/Occupation]

Kyoshi = Teacher
Kaishain = Office Worker
Ginkoin = Banker
Isha = Doctor
Gakusei = Student
Kenkyusha = Chemist
Enjinia = Engineer
Komuin = Civil Servant
Hisho = Secretary

And this is how you greet people;

Hajimemashite, Dozo Yoroshiku! = How do you do, nice meeting you!

After learning the basic introduction, she asked all of us, with our partner to practice speaking with each other. Then she told us that the alphabet contains 26 letters but in Japanese, we need to learn 50 Hiragana and 50 Katakana! O.O She taught us 5 Hiragana today:

あ = a (as inMark)
い = i (as in e)
う = u (as in put)
え = e (as in egg)
お = o (as in more)

That`s all I learn today. I cant wait for the second class this Wednesday! Ja~ ^w^