Japanese Language: Class 5

Yoh! LOL I was supposed to post this yesterday but I`m kinda busy reading Gantz` manga. I finished the anime few days ago and I`m not really satisfied with what they did! Will do the review soon. Now, here`s a note on Wednesday`s class with Yanai-sensei.

She recapped what we learn from Class 1 to Class 4. Here`s the important words:

Watashi = I, Me
Namae = Name
Shigoto = Job/Occupation
Anata = You
Mo= Too
Ka? = Used when you are asking question
Kuni = Country (Kuni-jin = people | Example: Amerika-jin)
Sai = Age

She added more job names:
Accountant = Kaikeishi
Secretary = Hisho

Random word asked by one of the student:
Toilet = Toire

After reviewing all the previous lesson, she taught us a new phrase:
Ano hito = That person
Ano kata = That person

Both 'ano hito' and 'ano
kata' can be used but if you want to be more polite, you can use 'ano kata'

Ano hito wa dare desu ka? = Who is that person?
Ano kata wa donata desu ka? <-Polite way
Ano hito wa [Name]-san desu = That person it [Name].

Okuni wa? = Which country are you from?
[Country] kara kimashita = I`m from [Country]

You: Hajimimashite, [Your Name] desu. [Your Country] kara kimashita. Dozo yoroshiku.
Translation: How do you do? I`m [Your Name]. I`m from [Your Country]. Pleased to meet you.

Random words and phrase that we learn:
Minasan = Everybody
Kochira = This person
Daijobu? = Are you okay?
Hai, daijobu desu = Yes I`m okay
Iie, ja arimasen

Thats all for lesson 5. Ja ne~