Japanese Language: Class 6

I`m three days late! lol Whatever. Anyway, there won`t be any class tonight as we are having a one day holiday for Chinese new year. Friday`s class was with Kumagai-sensei and as usual she recapped what we had learned on previous lesson.

After reviewing all the previous lesson she taught us a bit detail on the topic age or "Sai".

Nan sai desu ka? = How old are you?

Whe asking people much older than you, replace nan sai with "Oi kutsu". This is the polite way to ask older people`s age:

Shitsurei desuga, oi kutsu desuka? = Excuse me, how old are you?

1 = issai (one year old)
2 = nisai (two years old)
3 = sansai
4 = yonsai
5 = gosai
6 = rokusai
7 = nanasai
8 = hassai
9 = kyusai
10 = jussai
11 = juissai
20 = Hatachi
21 = Niju issai
22 = Niju nissai
25 = Niju gosai
30 = san jussai
40 = yon jussai
50 = go jussai
80 = hachi jussai
81 = hachiju issai
85 = hachiju gosai
88 = hachiju hassai
100 = hyakusai

More info about ages can be found on lesson 4.

*Shitsurei desuga = Excuse me

Hospital = Byoin
University/College = Daigaku

Doctor of Tokyo Hospital = Tokyo Byoin no Isha
student of Brunei University = Brunei University no gakusei

High school = koko
High school student = kokosei

That`s all I need to post. I know it`s short because we spent the rest of the lesson learning and practicing Hiragana. You need a teacher if you want to learn them.

Like I mentioned earlier there is no class tonight so I won`t be posting Lesson 7 tomorrow. Next class will be on Wednesday and I should be back posting "Japanese Clas: Lesson..." around Thursday!^^,